The Story Cellar


 Previous Experience


  • Helicopter Storytaking for Make Believe Arts

  • Planning, training & co-ordinating a team of facilitators to deliver workshops (led by myself) across East London nurseries and children's centres for Half Moon Young People's Theatre

A special story (possibly using a theme or a book) can be devised for your children which encourages them to listen and develops their imaginations and due to the interactive nature of the story it will also develop the following skills:

  • Turn taking

  • Problem solving

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

After a workshop a story corner will be created where the children can come and tell their stories to be recorded word for word and returned to the classroom for display, reading and performance.



...I used the dinosaurs with sonic dust to fly with the dinosaurs.  The aeroplanes get the dinosaurs, sonic dust flies along the grass to the jungle.  Sonic dust scared of the dinosaurs, he follows them and scares them...


Sam aged 3 






...They went to the seaside and swimmed in the sea and they builded sandcastles and they had a lot of fun and then the pony cried because the dinosaur roared at her and then they took their buckets and spade and they went in caves and there weren't any hyenas in there...

Wren aged 3 




Taylor2 Josie2 tom2 wren2 manon2

Photography of Snowtime Showtime by Edward Felton