The Story Cellar

Creative Curriculum

Whether you have literacy levels to raise, different cultures to explore or a subject matter that just isn't coming alive for the children, bring in The Story Cellar to work with your pupils and staff and inject some fresh creativity into the classroom.  Available for Primary and Secondary, mainstream and SEN.


Previous topics approached by Liz Felton include:

African Folktales linking story and music

Boudicca's Revolt

Blood Brothers for A Level English

How the body works

Greek Mythology

Counting, addition & subtraction and proportion for key stage 1

Fractions, percentage and decimals for key stage 2

Memory games to aid revision

And many more...

Balance and Well Being

'Story' can be the best way to look at personal and social issues, distancing the participants from the problem and allowing them to explore sometimes taboo topics in a safe environment.  With the aim to help them better understand themselves and the world we live in and live a more contented life.  Available for Primary and Secondary, mainstream and SEN.


Previous projects run by Liz Felton include:

Conflict Resolution

Nurture Groups

Transition for mainstream and SEN

Multiple Intelligence approach

The Itchy & Scratchy Show (sexual health for teens)

Thinking Through School (addressing motivation and how we learn)

Raise Our Level Fours (looking at our past achiements & future hopes)

And many more...


Staff Training

All the techniques used in the above projects can be explored with the teaching staff after hours, to imbed some new creative teaching ideas.  The Story Cellar likes to work alongside teachers during their sessions with young people rather than cover PPA time so that a legacy can be left in the classroom and stories can be continued.  In fact, any project can be run to encourage the staff to lead certain activities as we progress to develop their confidence in using these new techniques.


Previous CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions run by Liz Felton include:

Early years storytaking and journey play

Ancient Greece

Storytelling & Problem Solving through Drama

Locality & Journeys through Storytelling

Film & Visual Literacy

Using Drama in an SEN Classroom

And many more...


Quentin Blake's The Green Ship

Teamwork and global storytelling adventures at High Down Juniors - Portishead.


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