The Story Cellar




Storymaking - suitable for 3-6s

Interactive Storytelling, Games and Craft




Learn how to make a simple newspaper puppet, how to puppeteer it as a pair and take it on an adventure. Storyteller Liz Felton chooses from her story ingredients to see where you go, who you meet and how you get home again. Lots of joining in with movements and sound.

You need:

2 pieces of newspaper (or A4 paper or scrap paper)


Some tape (masking or sellotape)

Wool, tissue paper and glue optional



Episode Two: Story Ingredients

Using the idea from the last session learn how to make your own set of story ingredients and how to use them to make up stories with your children. Along the way you will play plenty of games to explore characters, emotions, places and objects.

You need:

Newspaper puppet from last session (optional)

4 plastic bowls (or empty jars)

Some paper (A4 or notebook or scrap)

A pen

Optional colour pencils or pens



Episode Three: Snail Adventures

Listen to a well known children's story read by Liz Felton and join us as we look at how to extend the adventure. Make a snail puppet followed by a giant map of the world (this could be on paper or outside with chalk, or inside using tape or objects). Take your snails on a fantastical journey and learn how to take down these stories and keep them forever.

You need:

Newspaper (or equivalent such as A4 or tissue paper or a notebook)

Tape (masking or sellotape)

Optional chalk

Or objects like scarves, cushions, fabric

Paper & pen



Episode Four: Transform your Space

Our final adventure follows our puppet Jasper to a castle using techniques from all the previous sessions. Create a map of your house but label it to become somewhere else...Make a key and a keyhole and you have your way in to your magical place. Enjoy the ride.

You need:

Newspaper puppet from previous session (optional)

Card kite - diamond shape - with piece of string or wool (optional)

2 pieces of paper (big if you have it)

Marker pen/felt pens

2 pieces of card for key & keyhole (can be paper, can use a real key)

Paper & pen


Nina & The Magic Key - suitable for 5-9s

Interactive Storytelling and Drama Games



Join Nina as she discovers a letter from a family member who she didn't think she would ever see again. She is set the mission of setting off around the world in search of two important items that will save the planet. She has a magic key that will take her through Number 10 doors.



Episode Two: The Amazon

Nina travels somewhere very hot, shares her favourite book and meets someone very important to her mission.

You will need:

scarf for a seatbelt

2 toilet rolls for binoculars



Episode Three: The Arctic

Help Nina survive in the coldest of places, build your own den and share your favourite stories. Will Nina survive when she comes face to face with one of the scariest Arctic predators?

You will need:

Piece of paper

Den building materials

Torch and book



Episode Four: The Final No. 10

Her mission is almost complete but you must now help her to turn back time and take her research to a final important Number 10.

You will need:

Paper & Pen for making 12 clock numbers

Paper & card , scissors and pens for making key & keyhole

Paper for making Conservation poster

Paper for making Feeling Good List


What Lies Beneath - suitable for 7-12s

Chapter Readings of an unpublished novel with follow-up activities that needs paper & pens




Join Ida Bright as she adjusts to her move and discovers something magical beneath her new house. Follow-up activities include making your own stories in a bottle.



Part Two: Chapters 4-6

Ida has stepped inside one of her discovered stories and life will never be the same again. Activities include drawing a villain and creating a monolgue.



Part Three: Chapters 7-8

Ida tries to flee and makes a new friend when she finds the underwater prison. Activities include a guardian's fact file, becoming this character and writing dialogue.



Part Four: Chapters 9-11

Ida must return to her own world and take a closer look at her discovery and how her life will now continue. Activities include making your own story ingredients and story dice. You may need bowls/jam jars and some card for these.


Character Creating - suitable for 8-14s

Drama workshops the children can take part in on their own or with friends.



Create  a character through illustration and fact file. Write two monologues for this character to perform.



Episode Two: Dialogue

Revisit the same character and this time think about who they would would speak to and write dialogue for these moments.



Episode Three: Text Delivery

Create stories through visualisation and letter writing. Make decisions about text delivery playing with volume and pace.



Episode Four: Physical Characters

Explore different ways of moving your body to create characters and make you own mask to neautralise your facial expressions and focus on your body language as a tool.


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"...your content is have done a superb job of raising the bar on what is possible for creative activities for children in their homes..."


" bring calm to the storm..."


"...the first time I have seen her enjoy a learning style task since lockdown!..."


"’ve just made lockdown with kids a whole lot nicer..."


"...Highly recommended!! much more than just story telling..."


"...Nina and the magic key has been sparking some spontaneous creative writing and extremely imaginative role playing..."


"Your videos have captivated my 10 & 8 year olds in equal measure! They've been inspired to draw, write and they've enjoyed some quiet time just listening - ticking all the boxes for us!"


"Thanks for giving something at these challenging times...and for keeping (my daughter) stimulated and happy for a few hours"


"Your videos have been one of the few things she is keen to do when I suggest it so thank you for that."


"The kids are LOVING Nina and the Magic Key. Got right into the swing of it and (my daughter) even raided the dressing up!"


"My daughter is transfixed by you. So good."





‘This was wonderful, such a fabulous way for children to understand the poignancy of today.’


‘This had me in tears! My five year old was also transfixed. Wonderful stuff!’


‘Such a different way of doing it and very clever and professional.’


‘My 8yo daughter has asked to watch it again tomorrow.’


‘My two loved it - so much that they stayed sitting down!... a remarkable way of informing them.’


‘Thank you for bringing VE Day to life for them.’


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STEP 1: EMAIL [email protected] with your request.


STEP 2:  CLICK HERE  to pay £10 for a Storytelling Package through PayPal.


       OR   CLICK HERE  to pay £3 for an Individual Story.


STEP 3: The YouTube links will then be sent to you for your own private use only (as many times as you  like!) Video lengths are below but please bear in mind that the shorter episodes include plenty of pausing to complete activities so will keep your children entertained for much longer!

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Free VE Day Interactive Story


IMG_0175 7b37501e-9646-424e-bb19-9e1f8ffcb575 b53d8e7a-f215-4e04-b4db-99189bb30f5a IMG_0176 1de2936d-d038-44ac-afc7-8c1e00c79efd IMG_0177 image0

Milo The Quiz Whizz-Kid - Free to view now

Quiz flyer 2 copy

To congratulate yourselves on surviving two whole months of Lockdown & home schooling and making it to May Half Term, join us for a Special Story Quiz! Ideal for 7-12s but suitable for the whole family.


Join Milo on his adventure through the Quiztacle Course that mysteriously appears in his midnight garden. Questions and challenges to join in with at home that take Milo through miniature and gigantic lands, across frozen and tropical trails. There's even a Lego round for all you building enthusiasts!


You will need paper and pen and possibly a pipe cleaner, a blindfold and a heap of Lego for some of the other challenges. (Lego challenge can be completed with play dough or pen and paper.)