The Story Cellar



In 2016 we celebrated 100 years since the birth of one the UK's greatest writers for children.  Roald Dahl's incredible imagination created classics such as The Witches, George's Marvellous Medicine and Fantastic Mr Fox.  The following workshops are still on offer to schools to celebrate his delightfully gruesome, creative mind!


•Develop creative writing skills by constructing new weird and wonderful characters.

•Play with the English language exploring Dahl's use of colourful description and revolting rhyme.

•Workshops tailored to suit your literacy needs and adapted for both Key Stage 1 & 2.


And why not focus on one particular story to explore certain performance techniques.  See a selection of ideas below...



Make your own Big Friendly Giants (and maybe some Bonecrunchers too!) from clothes and rods. And perform a collection of dreams and nightmares for your own audience of 'human beans'

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


Create Oompa Loompa puppets from scrap material and learn to puppeteer as they return to Loompaland and face the terrifying Hornswagglers and Snozzwangers! (Outdoor learning can be easily incorporated in this adventure)



Explore the story of Matilda and her extraordinary powers of telekinesis through the medium of Bunraku - a form of Japanese puppetry where puppeteers dress in black to enhance the magic of object animation.

BFG_s chocolate fact Roald_Dahls_Matilda

Please note that The Story Cellar can tailor a visit to your school or library based around any author of your choice.